Jade Sheppard

“Always the best experience to get your hair done at Suede. The professional service, great advice and the best personalities to make you feel right at home. Well done Dj, Nikki and Charlie, you’ve created something very special.
I don’t know why anyone would want to go anywhere else.”

Jo Watts

“Best hair salon in Cairns! From the great salon vibes to the products and professional hair cut, I’m so happy to have found such a high quality hair and skin salon in the centre of Cairns. From a 2 year regular customer.”

Stefanie Müller

“Best hairdresser I have been to in ages. She really took her time and looked at my hair properly. I got plenty of tips, how I can improve my hair care!”

Cathy McCullagh

“The best salon I’ve ever found! DJ and Nikki provide a very professional enjoyable experience. Amazing stylists and fantastic advice… I recommend them to everyone!”

Lee Butler

“New to Cairns & I was referred by a work friend to make a booking here & was in total awe of how I was treated. From the very first impression, to both of their knowledge on hair & I mean all things hair. Had one of the best haircuts for many many years. Loved the tea so much I had to buy some. So yes if you want be listened to & then receive exactly what you wanted, then make an appointment here💇🏼‍♀️”

Kerrie Brown

“Best Hairdresser in Cairns. Would never go anywhere else.”

Jessica E.

“Really love my experience every time I come here. Place always smells so lovely, the environment is welcoming and the staff are great. It is definitely worth the visit with pricing also being affordable and the quality being way up there.”


“So fantastic to finally find a hairdresser who listened and knew exactly how to cut my hair. Thank you DJ for bringing back my style, so so pleased. Lovely to meet Nikki too, a fabulous and very professional team.”


​”DJ and Nikki are amazing! From the moment you walk in you are welcomed with a beautiful tea and aroma ceremony. DJ did a fantastic job on my brassy blonde locks and offered very practical and affordable advice on how to maintain my hair. They really make you feel at home and truly care about your individual needs. Highly recommend this amazing team 5*****!”

Desirée B.

“Must say that this salon treated me so well! Neck massage, sculp check and advise, amazing tea to drink, relaxing head massage and wash and of course an 10/10 haircut! Sweet Charlise was my hairdresser and she absolutely made my hair stunning! Thank you!!”

Jessica K.

“I wouldn’t go anywhere else! Nikki did an amazing job with the kids first ever haircuts today, so patient and caring, they loved it and the results are gorgeous. It is such a pleasure to spend time in this beautiful salon.”

Marine E.

“Suede is fantastic! I’m really happy with what he did in my hair, new haircut and highlights! And really good service as well, coffee and massage are really relaxing. I really recommend.”

Gab S.

“You know your hair wizard is the man when random people on the street feel the urge to touch your hair and ask you about the genius that worked on it & when the four hours you regularly spend there seem to be one of your better dates. I’m committed to this relationship, Nikki & DJ please don’t ever leave and break my heart !!”

Adriana P.

“Had an amazing experience at Suede! I decided to make a drastic change and cut off all of my long hair. My hairdresser quickly made me feel at ease. He was very professional and experienced. I really appreciated the advice and am extremely happy with my haircut. I will definitely be returning.”


“Top class salon – excellent attention to detail, high end range of products and services, very professional approach to client care and thoroughly knowledgeable and accommodating staff. Coming here is a real treat and I would highly recommend this salon, the excellent product range and its attentive and skilled staff. Can’t wait to return – 5 stars!”


“Gorgeous staff, excellent service, and top-notch products. They’re super knowledgeable and delivered exactly what I wanted done with my hair. So happy to be able to stock up on my Aveda products locally!!! My next appointment is already booked xx”

Janice O.

“Fantastic place with Aveda products. Nikki was so accommodating, getting me in on very short notice, matched my colour from my Aveda salon in Canada, and gave me a great, no-nonsense cut and got me on my way without feeling rushed. Highly recommend! Thanks, Nikki & Suede”

Alice P.

“A really lovely salon that uses cruelty free products. I am really happy with my haircut and will definitely return. Also the tea is really great”


“Dj and Nikki at Suede have been amazing! My hair has never looked and felt so good. I have healthy ringlets like I did when I was a child from the incredible products that are used both through the colouring process and purchased instore. It’s fantastic seeing other clients in the salon who are from Melbourne and Sydney to get their hair done ‘properly’. I love that they are environmentally responsible and such amazing people. I had my makeup and hair done at the salon recently for a ball and they made me look amazing! A one stop shop for looking gorgeous.”